Koltherine l Unexpected Visit

Kol didn’t know exactly why he was going over to the Mikaelson mansion, but he knew that he was needed there. He had been informed about the spell that had corrupted Katerina and frankly, he didn’t know why he cared. He assumed that it was because his brother sounded a bit frantic and it was the least he could do for Elijah since had visited Charlie during her time of need. He supposed that he was needed to reassure her since they weren’t really on the best of terms the last time they’ve encountered. Before, he just thought she was a reckless, trivial strumpet that Elijah had strung along and he didn’t know how to get rid of her exactly. But, he had saw that she was yet another contributor to the family and Kol had to accept her whether he liked it or not. The only way he thought to settle his indifferences was to ignore her, but now, he saw that it wasn’t really an option anymore.

Kol slammed the door of his car roughly, angrily stalking towards the door, pushing it effortlessly. He wasn’t going to admit that he went there to see if she was up and moving. He didn’t need to prove anything. Now, how was he going to do that without looking suspicious? Kol felt a body shove against him, hearing a gasp escape the ¬†perpetrators mouth. He spun around, peering downwards at the brunette, his eyes widening slightly at the fact that it was Katerina. Interesting. “Hello there, Katerina,” he allowed his words to drawl out, grasping her hand in his. He was still a gentleman at heart and it was a habit. Kol pressed his lips lightly on her knuckles before releasing her hand, watching it drop idly to her side. “They had informed me of the recent situation. I take it that you’re not doing.. so well. Am I wrong?”¬†